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‘Big Bang’ experiment starts well

TODAY!! It must be a coincidence…their switch has finally worked!


As we are also, gearing for the “40 day challenge”

and the Variety Village walk and roll charity drive…

the topic is “The Energy in the Formula of Success”…

Today, Science has turned the switch,

and ready to measure what happened a few moments after

the light has expressed itself in reality(the big bang)…

we will too, explore our Karma,

and turn that switch…

but just before, “the big bang” of our current reality

please read on…


The LHC is arguably the most complicated and

ambitious experiment ever built;

the project has been hit by cost overruns,

equipment trouble and construction problems.

The switch-on itself is two years late.”


Today, Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scientists have hailed a successful switch-on

for an enormous experiment which will

recreate the conditions a few moments after the Big Bang.


“We will be able to see deeper into matter than ever before,”

said Dr Tara Shears, a particle physicist at the University of Liverpool.

“We will be looking at what the Universe wasmade of billionths of a second after the Big Bang.That is amazing, that really is fantastic.”The LHC should answer one very simple question: What is mass?The currently favored model involves a particle called the Higgs boson – dubbed the “God Particle”. According to the theory, particles acquire their mass through interactions with an all-pervading field carried by the Higgs.The latest astronomical observations suggest ordinary matter – such as the galaxies, gas, stars and planets – makes up just 4% of the Universe.

You Can Read The Full BBC Article Here


Today, Wednesday, September the 10th 2008

(at 7:30 pm eastern time)

The “BIM” Students At the Human Energy Centre

(on Danforth Ave. in Toronto)

are ready to turn the “switch on” as well!!


“Following many years of preparation,

Today, we will finally have our first world broadcast”

Please stay tuned…more details to come here on the blog!


If you you can’t wait to find out…

Please call Michelle at:

416 410 12 90 (toronto)

See you all tonight



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