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‘Big Bang’ Experiment-‘Dark Energy’

Could it be that this ‘Dark Energy’ is the first scientific evidence to Karma and Karmic Energy?Some years ago I have said that science will have a very hard time creating a microscope which will enlarge past the cells, the atoms, to show Karma. I was wrong twice. First science used the stars, and a telescope to look ‘back in time’ and try to compute what and how energy and matter behave closer to the times of the ‘big bang’. Today scientists of the world united in the replication of the ‘big bang’. Here is how I understand this experiment. As the speed of the particle excelerator is ‘only’ 99.9999999 the speed of light, they will be able to see deeper into matter, but will be looking at what the Universe was made of billionths of a second after the Big Bang… Therefore today, science can only ask the question: What is mass? Our body, our system is connected to universal structure at ‘ALL SPEEDS’. We through meditative experience can and do tap into much deeper levels of experience that current computers can measure. I believe we experience this ‘Dark Matter’ as source of information, necessary for both our survival and our growth. I believe this is what we call KARMA.The currently favoured Scientific model involves a particle called the Higgs boson – dubbed the “God Particle”. According to the theory, particles acquire their mass through interactions with an all-pervading field carried by the Higgs.During our ’40 day challenge’ which will officially begin September 17th 2008 (unless we have similar delays:))  we will work with these concepts through inner experience, utilising our system and body to compute, record and collect experiential evidence. We will re-define ‘The Success Formula’ and introduce the ‘Higgs Effect’ or ‘God Particle’ in the variable speed of ‘Survival’ or ‘Horizontal Energy’ vs ‘Growth’ or ‘Vertical Energy’. We will speak of the reasons why ‘Vertical’ Growth is possible and introduce the new formula of ‘Human Energy’.If you would like to participate in this experiment/fundraiser/training please make sure you are on our mailing list… 

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