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Are YOU prepared for the “Social Age”?

As you may know I spend many hours learning and researching with “Energy”.
I spoke of the thousand year shift from the “agricultural age” to the “industrial age”

First was the movement of people from their lands to big cities, from their father’s jobs to new training and schooling second was that physical strength was no longer as important as it was slowly replaced by the machines. New industries have arrived, and dominated, such as the car industry.

Then before we knew it, the “information age” was upon us.
People could no longer stay at the same job, things were going fast, business has opened its borders
companies became international, Silicon valley became the dominant force. IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google…

It no longer took thousands of years not even hundreds, we have almost left the industrial age and moved to the information age as the manufacturing jobs have moved and soon may disappear.

Well, before you know it a new age will be upon us…the shift from “information age” to “social age”
you will no longer be paid to be physically strong, nor to have a good memory, not even to know complicated equations that will be done in a push of a button (and thanks to “Apple” new voice software development, a verbal command and maybe even a thought will be enough)

During this “social age” you will only survive if you have “emotional intelligence”

So what is this “social age” and how will it effect your life?

Since the recent financial crisis I have recognized that many large cooperation will be cutting their workforce
and these jobs will not be coming back.

Some of these jobs first will go to developing countries such as China and India
But than they will be “automated” and disappear all together.

Are YOU prepared for the “social age”?
What Are the QUALITIES you need for the upcoming “social age” (may be here sooner than you think!)?
What is that “emotional intelligence” anyway?

would love to hear your opinion
(you are welcome to post them here on this blog post below)

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