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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

The Order Of Things

Karma Secrets – The Order Of Things – Preview Part 1 of 4

Everything begins with Energy

Erik Valdman believes that your body has the answers within. There is nothing you need to change about who you are, but to add…to add the necessary energy to help you awaken your own body into healing. That can begin right away, as soon as your energy will rise you will begin feeling the effects of your body awakening and your mind stabilizing, naturally from within.

There are a lot of different sources of good information to help you relieve your emotional and physical pain as well as help inspire your inner growth.

Even if you are not new at this, it is easy to get lost in the sea of new information and the variations of the different ancient traditions. Soon you to discover that with all this good knowledge you’ve acquired, you may still be not much closer to the solution you were seeking.

Suddenly, you find yourself in the need for very immediate and  practical tools.

Led by your intuition, you are trying to make some scene of all this. You need to be a lot more practical in your research. You are searching for a proven path. To first stop this obvious downwards slope so you can breath. Then to change to a more positive life momentum and as fast as possible, start moving towards addressing both the healing and the personal growth.

But how can you tell right from wrong?

Well, chances are that you have already been going in the right direction, and everything you have researched and learned can and will help you from now on.

If you are reading this, it may not be a coincidence, you must already be on the right track, maybe even 80% there .

You recognize the need to address the body as a whole. You understand the need to address the energy and to tap into the power of your mind. You may also understand that it is a journey, but you are tired of promises and need to see at least some positive results so you can again be inspired and make the necessary commitment to take this path.

You already have what you need within.  After your first energy experience with Erik Valdman, you will recognize your inner power and will get better interacted with the different sensations and reactions your body has during what Erik calls ‘Self Regulation’.

From the very first moment, you will learn how important it is to ‘come as you are’, that energy does not arrive through force. Learning to let energy come to you instantly gives you a feeling of true and new presence, an inspiration to continue moving forward.

As if a new door will open…no more fighting…a new chapter in your life experience.

Erik Valdman, founder of the Human Energy Reserves Centre and The Art of BIM has worked with thousands of people seeking to make changes, gain control for themselves and overcome personal problems.

Erik’s mission has always been to help people in the most natural way, going to the very root of their challenges and teaching them the tools of how to be able to continue progressing themselves. The success of his students is his primary concern and he makes a serious genuine commitment to that goal.