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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

The Art of BIM (Bio-Energetic Intuitive Meditation)

Erik Valdman @ The Carrot Common in Toronto, Canada

Erik Valdman, The Art of BIM @ The Carrot Common in Toronto, Canada

The Art of BIM has two parts to it. One is learning to what I call “connect” to energy. We’re learning to sense that energy and allow it to freely take us as one, holistically. We’re truly connecting our thought process, our inner imagery and inner physical movements together where we are the ultimate observer. Yet, we’re not interfering with the natural process or the immediate needs, at this moment and time, of our body.

The need of the body will always coincide with our body’s or system’s ability to make the correction. Not only is the need met, it’s met at the level of the ability. The ability is determined by the inner frequency level, the energy level that we have. The higher the energy level the greater the ability.

The magic of what we’re doing is that as the frequency is rising, as we’re able to raise the inner energy of the system, so will our internal mechanism and program of who we are pick up on that new information exchange. It will happen automatically as if an internal remote control button is pushed inside. It will lead us to great success in the renewal mechanism of our body.

Our body has renewal mechanism constantly set for that renewal. As the available information comes in, so the renewal happens. When the level of energy or information diminishes, the renewal is slower. Therefore we age and receive signals of pain and discomfort.

The moment the frequency rises, the renewal happens under greater efficiency. The information is greater. Suddenly we are receiving very fast results with that renewal. As the results happen, the symptoms or signals of the discomfort and pain go away naturally.

Being able to connect is the first part of our Art. When you are with me and we are working with energy levels, we need to first understand how our system gathers information. It gathers information through the stimuli we receive.

Our five senses receive stimuli. The moment we become aware of that stimuli, whether it’s conscious awareness or not, there is a rewiring of our brain. The rewiring of the brain creates new neural pathways that did not exist before. The potential for them always existed but the specific neural pathways did not exist.

As our brain rewires, it’s like a memory. Any time we choose we can go back to an already existing neural pathway and repeat that memory, information or movement, posture or technique. It may be a thought or an image. You can bring it up because a neural pathway already exists. That’s an easy way for our system to do it.

Our system is also capable of creating new neural pathways. That requires higher frequency. Sometimes when we’re tired we find that new information is not for us. We want to wait until we’ve rested. New levels of communication, new thought processes, new ideas are not something we can handle.

It’s not because we don’t want to handle it, it’s because our frequency is so low that new neural pathways cannot be created. We can only work on the old knowledge, information or memory or ask somebody for help. We seem to have a problem creating new neural pathways.
This is what happens when we are together. The experience of being together and the energy we raise together and the response from the body creates those new neural pathways.
Once they are created, you at home are able to easily come back to the same state and go along an already beaten path. It’s an existing path. We will continue to make that connection stronger.

Every time we are together, we rewrite new connections with the experience we have together. Then those connections become a norm for you and from that point you will already grow.
This is the one aspect where we create new neural pathways. Then you connect to those neural pathways. That is your platform. That is your trampoline from which you can continue growing. That makes it quite easy.

It’s very similar to any form of exchange of information. Anything I say also becomes a new platform. That knowledge and information becomes who you are. It’s something in your memory. You can now use that for everything you do.

There is an exchange of information through words, gestures, pictures, movement and through this bio-wave we’re working with. This bio-wave is really the most natural way of exchanging information with nature and between people. That is exactly what we’re working on.
That information is actually exchanged on the highest speed possible. It is not restricted to the speed of light. We’re not exchanging that information through words or sound. We’re not exchanging that information through light or our eyes. We’re exchanging it at a higher speed. I’ll talk about it some other time. It is a whole other system.

The second part of the Art of BIM that we will work with is not instead of what I just described. That is where we connect and utilize new neural pathways we achieve through this meditative state or what I call “inner-active state.” It’s active. It’s not a passive state. It’s an inner state that creates action and movement from within, from the inside out.
It’s a parallel process. We’re adding this parallel process to what I call the “self-regulatory process” that we’re experiencing right now. It is actually a process of inner command. The inner commands have been known by different techniques. Here the inner commands are acting as an internal remote control. That internal remote control is something natural to our system.

Everything we do through our logic and conscious mind, we do through internal remote control. This includes raising our arms. How do we raise our arms? It’s very simple. We press an internal button. We give an internal command that says, “I want to raise my right arm.”
Right after that, what do we do? Absolutely nothing, we just let our arm rise. How successful are we? We’re pretty successful. It’s just a normal function of our body. It’s something that our body and system allows us to do.

What’s more interesting is that the moment we change the command, “I want to raise my left arm,” our left arm rises. How do we really know our left and right? We don’t. Our system internally knows exactly. This is how we command through internal commands. This is how we move around, speak, work and do things. We are able to give those commands.
What is required to be successful with those inner commands? One thing is for sure. Unless you press that button, nothing will happen. Unless you truly give that internal command, nothing will happen. It doesn’t need to be aloud. It’s internal. Your system hears you inside. Once you give that internal command it actually works.

The second thing is it’s important not to interfere with that command. In other words, do not hold back the arm. If you give the command, “I want to raise my right arm,” and then you hold it back, then obviously the arm will not rise. How do we hold our arm back? Often we hold it because we’re not sure if it can be successful. When we are not sure if we can be successful, we override the command with doubt.
The doubting thought becomes the next key we press. Here we are pressing the button that says, “I want to raise my right arm.” The next one is, “I’m not sure I can actually raise it.” “I’m not sure I can actually raise it,” becomes the next command. Then our body listens to the next one. Our body listens to everything we say.

Fear and doubt override the first commands. Often we think we’re actually ordering or sending an internal command to our body to do something. We don’t realize that we’re overriding it right away. Then we really didn’t order it. Sometimes when it’s not successful it’s because we didn’t give the command. We didn’t send the message.

Here’s another thing that’s interesting. When we send that message to raise the arm, what is required to raise the arm? Higher blood circulation, more oxygen in the system, neural firing in the brain, stimulation and contraction of muscles and probably another billion different reactions in the body that we’re absolutely unaware of. We don’t need to be aware of them for it to happen. It’s a program that’s running perfectly.

Through internal command, thought process and intention, we are capable of changing our blood flow, intake of oxygen, exchange of information within ourselves, neural firing and contractions of muscles with one simple command. All those symptoms we’re convinced we don’t have control over, we control. It’s quite incredible how that works. It gives us an insight of how capable we truly are.

One thing that needs to happen is obviously pressing that internal key or command for something to happen. The second thing that needs to happen is we cannot override it. We cannot give a second command of doubt or negative. Our body will listen to that second command. We can’t override it. We need to truly let it happen.

The third and probably the most relevant thing that must exist is our inner frequency or level of energy must always coincide with the command that we press. If that does not happen, we can press the command button, but it won’t give us any results. Our frequency and energy must be at least the level of the command or higher.

For example, it’s the same as when we have a fever. Sometimes when we have an illness, we lie in bed and reach for a glass of water. It’s the same as giving ourselves an inner command to raise that arm and reach for the glass of water.

Guess what happens? The arm just does not rise. What is the conclusion? The conclusion is, “I forgot how to raise my arm!” Obviously that’s not true. You didn’t forget it. The neural pathways exist. You’ve given the proper command. It’s just that the arm does not rise.
You may say, “My arm will never rise again!” Obviously that’s not true. The only thing required at that point to raise your arm is something we know right away. Our level of energy needs to rise.

The moment our level of energy rises, we are again capable of raising that arm.
The same thing happens right across the board in everything we do. If we give an internal command, if we have a wish and we’re not successful at it either inside of us or externally, it does not mean it’s not for us. It does not mean we can’t do it. It does not mean that key does not exist or that wish can never be fulfilled.
All that really means is one of two things. We have enough energy and a high enough frequency, but we are listening to other people’s opinions. We are remembering our old past experiences and not allowing our own successes by overriding them.

We’re really not pressing those keys. Without pressing them, things will not happen, unless they’re for survival. Our system takes care of survival needs on its own. It does not ask us. The set of keys for survival or rejuvenation are pressed automatically, as long as the energy allows it.
We might be overriding it because of fear created through believing others or past experiences. Two is that our frequency is just not high enough. The answer is to raise our inner frequency and try it again. Try it without doubt and the same intention. Then we’ll be successful.

Often people who come in to work with me have incredible success with new experiences. Why? They don’t have the dogmas they’ve created. They don’t have the past negative experiences of not being successful.

The moment they face something they were not successful at in the past, they suddenly won’t press that key. Even though their energy level has changed, even though they’re capable of doing it now, they’re still holding themselves back without realizing it.

It’s very important to leave everything behind. It’s important to put everything on a shelf and start a completely fresh page every time we’re working. When our frequency is rising, we can suddenly do things we couldn’t do yesterday. We can now. That is the difference. We can heal wounds we couldn’t heal for 20 years. We can.

If we couldn’t do it yesterday, it doesn’t mean that we can’t today. The only difference is the inner frequency. That will put us on our way, but we must continue pressing those buttons. We’ve changed the batteries. We’ve connected to a supply. Now it will work. You need to press the button. You need childlike determination and then you’ll get there.

The first thing we’ll do in terms of practicing on our own is this. I’ll give you a CD. It has instructions and guided meditation with internal commands. It’s a very simple command.
All of them are based on “I want to receive a lot of energy.” All of them are based on, “I want to receive a lot of energy and fill different floors of the body,” the head, neck, arms, chest, abdomen and so forth. It’s very simple. The simplicity is our gift right now. Then we will not be afraid it won’t work.

We’ll train ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to properly utilize our internal remote control and command system. We know exactly how to do it for survival needs and things like arms rising and legs moving. For other things we’re afraid. We’re afraid we won’t be successful. We’ve actually forgotten how to use it.

Here we are utilizing those inner commands. First we’ll retrain ourselves to use our remote control. This is why simple keys are the best for retraining. Later we’ll use more complex keys. It’s still a program that runs. It’s a part of who we are. There will not be any greater complexity. It will be just as simple, but behind the key will be more complex further in the system.

Do we care? We are like two-year old children with our systems. We don’t need to understand it to be able to make it work. A two-year-old child can use a remote control to change the channel on the television set. He does not need to understand how it is programmed.
It’s preprogrammed. They press the button and it works for them. Given the opportunity I say that the same two-year-old child can send a satellite into space, just by pushing a button. The complexity of the program behind it and how many years it took to develop and become who we are does not matter.
It’s the same simplicity as the remote control of a television set. It requires just as much knowledge, as long as we are not overriding it and as long as the level of our inner frequency is high enough to do it.
First we’ll practice that. Two things will happen simultaneously. One is the first thing we talked about, the self-regulatory process and connecting and turning on of those neural pathways we’re experiencing here. They were created. We obviously feel that change in our body and feel how our body is moving us.

At the same time we’ll add the parallel process of pressing the internal command. By combining them together we suddenly utilize our mind and logic. It’s been utilized up until now to restrict and hold us back. We won’t use it that way. We’ll work together with our body.

Later on we’ll be able to achieve much greater things. Our frequency will be higher and our inner command will be greater. Our automatic system will give us inner health and renew itself. We will be able to use the internal remote control with our logic and mind to achieve even greater results in the shortest period of time. That’s basically the process of the Art of BIM. You’ll understand much more as we go on…