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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Karma Diagnosis

“We can not be happy, healthy and successful unless we find a way to address our Karma!” Erik Valdman

Dear Friend and Seeker, Karma is essence of our being!

Karma is the very primary information about how you are and your ultimate potential. Karma is the energy, the information which precedes all other energies and physical expressions.

Every information about you, first arrives on the level of your Karma and only then becomes a feeling, a thought, a desire, a conflict, a challenge directing your decisions and your actions.

A Karma Diagnosis is a powerfully way to gage and know where you currently stand, your ultimate potential and the direction you are currently taking in your life at this moment.

Karma Diagnosis will reveal the reasons for your emotional and physical challenges.

You also will discover the reasons for relationship, love and financial ups and downs.

As this information is very personal you would be advised to give a personal e-mail box that no one else has access to but you.

Karma is something that you are currently effecting every moment of our life (through our action and reactions). Once you learn the Laws of Karma, you are no longer at the mercy of the life presented to you through circumstances. You actually gain the freedom of choice to what life brings. You become the creator of your life.

Karma Diagnosis has two parts. In the first part I will assess where you currently are. In the second, I will custom design a program for you. In this program you learn the laws of Karma and most importantly how to effect your Karma and regain our Freedom.

Karma is a part of who you are, so this becomes a process of Karmic Awakening.

One of the first benefits of this awakening is the energy to make decisions and the confidence to take action. You begin living a life “Beyond Survival”.

Erik Valdman, will be presenting
at The Total Health Show in April 12-14, 2019 in Toronto Canada

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