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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

NEW: Erik Valdman Live From China Public Welfare Center

(Please note: The Video Above has full Chinese Audio Translation)

A Practical Demonstration of Energy and The Hidden Power You Have Within
Gain Greater Understanding of the powerful connection between your Karma, Your Energy, Your Emotions, Thoughts, Physical Body and Your Life Learn How You are able to Change Your Energy and be Yourself Again

Click Here to Read “Energy healing and Why Good People Get Ill? ” December 2nd “ACPN” Chinese Language Article by Ying Shi

Erik Valdman was also written about in these Chinese Language Publications

World Association of Chinese Mass Media

P.S.Also two Chinese newspapers in Toronto have published the news story.

World Chinese Media, Canada

People’s Daily(Overseas edition online, Beijing)

Zhejiang Economic News, China

Redmap News, London, Ontario, Canada