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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM

Let’s Begin…

What is Karma?

Your Karma reflects the state of your connection to your True Self, Your True Potential and to your Purpose. Karma itself can not be seen or touched, but the evidence of your Karma is in everything you do and experience. It is true what they say, do “good” to others and you will get rewarded. (“Good Karma” or Dharma)

Do “bad” to others you will get it back in one way or another. (Bad Karma) But you did not expect Karma to be that simple?

Karma is an Ancient thousands year old knowledge, and we can not possibly describe it in a few words. Karma Secrets is a study and an experiential integration by Erik Valdman.

What you are reading and soon will experience and put into your practice has been developed in over ten years of daily dedication, experience, teaching and practical implementations with thousand of people world wide.

Why is Karma So Important?

You are born with a certain Karma, which is passed on to you past lives/generations

(the first manifestation of your Karma is your genetics, the family, the place and life circumstances you are born to!) That part you have no control over, but what you do have full control over is the “New Karma” you are creating every breath you make, every thought, every action you take and often do not take! What if you do not know the Laws of Karma: When you do not know the “Laws of Karma” you join the “masses”. “Life” forces you to take actions, make decisions and find yourself in places you did not chose to be. So, you naturally left prisoner in your own life and likely not to be happy, even suffer. When you learn the laws of Karma and know how to apply them to your life, you are less likely to be pushed around by life. You will still be experiencing ups and downs, but these will be “challenges” well worth taking, mountains well worth climbing! Your health, your work, your family, your friends, your emotional state, your financial state they are all Indicators of the State of Your Karma.

Here are some good news: You can change your Karma! (and stop blaming your “bad luck” once and for all!)

You probably heard all this before…as all kinds of “Secrets” have been popping everywhere…

What Karma Secrets Is Not:

Karma Secrets is not a philosophy, a theoretical discussion of possibilities, or another form of “positive thinking” or belief.

Karma Secrets is based on years of research and practice, presenting a set of practical proven tools which are derived from thousand year old, ancient knowledge, of both the east and the west and the discoveries of modern science.

All You Need Is To Take Them and To Apply Them!

You will begin by receiving the basic needs and awakening an inner self regulation mechanism, than you will move to applying the most powerful tool, Your Mind to take your life “Beyond Survival” and the effects of your “Coincidental Karma”.

Karma is Action.

  • Your Now is a reflection of your Past Actions.
  • Your Future will reflect the exact Actions you take today!
  • Karma reflects your state of Inner Energy.
  • There are Ten major Emotions.
  • There are Ten major Energies.
  • Your Karma is the derivative of all Ten.
  • You first Sense Karma with your Emotions!
  • Your Emotions lead to your Thoughts, express your Physical Health, effect your Decisions and Actions!
  • Your Life Circumstances are the direct result of these Ten Energies.

In Karma Secrets Training you will learn to Better Receive and to Control these Ten Energies.

* Please Note: If you are out of town or out of country, you can take part in most Erik’s trainings Live on the Web

The NEXT LIVE EVENT: Wednesday March 17th 2010 Meet Erik at The Carrot Common in Toronto.

Erik Valdman will be presenting a Karma Secrets Preview,  Live in Toronto, Canada

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