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Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM


[symple_testimonial by=””]Hi Erik: I had been searching to understand humanity, the reason for
our existence from the personal level to a greater level.
Understanding is not the same as living it through. Although
“understanding” would make the path a whole lot simpler. I felt like
I had hit a rock bottom for various reasons in life, and finding my
way back to the ‘living, light, intelligence, life” seemed so
farfetched. I want to ‘wake up, live again, be creative, experience
intelligence, explore wisdom’, but felt nothing seemed to help me.
That’s until on your 4th meditation, you talk about ‘our inner
frequency energy must be align with our command’, must not let
‘fears & doubts override the first command’. Thank you so much for
sharing.- Rebecca Cheng[/symple_testimonial]



[symple_testimonial by=”N. Kunaku Canada“]

When I first tried this technique, I was doubtful, but as I
continued, I eventually discovered the internal guidance and was
quite blown away at the movements that began to emerge.



Thank you very much for this knowledge!i am seeing miraculous changes
take place in my life when i apply the principles that you teach.i feel
i am starting to get a general grasp on karma,i am understanding the
power of balanced or repaired chakras.thank u so much God bless!

– Ban

I went to Erik seeking how I could raise my Inner-Energy in order to
reach my goals, dreams, and help my family and friends. Since I have
been studying with Erik I have had a great balance and flexibility in my
life which has created a higher level of protection not only for me but
also for the people around me. Now, I trust more my intuition and I
enjoy my life everyday more and more. I continue learning how to
co-create my life from inside to outside and promote the neurogenisis
inside of me.

Thanks Erik,

– Gabriel


Hi Eric… Thank you for  introducing me to the Karma Secrets.
It helped my lower back right at the end of the first lesson! Just
completed Lesson 3….I can feel my back releasing itself. This
April, I accidentally fell from the chair, right on my tail bone,
and could not get up for 15 minutes. Bad days followed, but
fortunately, the x-ray was clear. But still, I could not sit for
long. I could feel the pain lingering all the time, even when I
shift from one side to another on the chair, until the day before
yesterday, when I came across your program. looks like 90% of the
pain has vanished! Lovely! I have a stiff neck and shoulders which
have been around for almost a year now, and i am sure, this program
will help me further. Looking forward for more such sessions. 🙂
Thank You…

-Poornima,  India


I have been your student for over four years. You have been there for four
generations in my family…

Thanks Erik. Sarojni R. Toronto Canada


Good morning My name is a Hiba .I am a lawyer and i am interested
from a long time on science of energy and karma I had already
registered in many training courses of sciences ,but your courses in
karma are simple witch helped me as beginner to understand this
science. Thank you very much for this gift and I hope that I receive
your courses and the latest new of your work All love

– Hiba Mega, France

First of all,thank you a lot Erik,you’ve helped me so much:,)i have
a big smile at my face after this 3 lessons and practice,even i’ve
danced often in my life, i’ve never danced so free,beautiful and
magical like in this meditation and this is not my first meditation
i had a lot of them.I feel how my head and all body circulating with
endless powerful energy,cosmic energy.My being and real nature is
awaken and free, at last i can be what i want although other people
maybe want to force me with their opinion sometimes,i can feel my
free personal power for creating my own life how i want .I got an
insight that i am only creator of my life no other,just me,even i
know this from before,but this time have been special.I got some
answers during 1 i 3 practice and that is very valuable for me,for
example my body told me that want to go to Miami-Florda.I am in the
midle of crossroad,changing my life in a better way for example want
to live in USA.Also i would like to visit your lecture Erik ,live. I
have so much to write but maybe next time will be better after first
meditation with 7 keys. I lost my job from 1.january 2010 and this
is totaly good sign and new oportunity in my life for change and
fresh start. Sorry because my english but i am sure that you will
understand all. Have a pleasant weekend and thank you again a lot :)…God bless you!
Regards from Sarajevo- Goga Freeda


Hi Erik, My name is sainath
shetty .I have been practising your karma secrets exercises , It has
been an absolutely fantastic experience for me . I used to dance
profesionally before for about eight years and I knew the freedom I felt
In my body .But now since I have moved to Dubai From India I have
stopped dancing for about 8yrs.After I did your katma secret exercise I
can now experience the energy within my body move my body I thank you
for this .Its like I am begining to know my self again .My body feels
wonderful. Other than that I asm learning some new things from you. I
did not realise That The energy within me was then real dancer, And I
could use the same energy to receive new insights by allowing it to come
to me rather than control thought processes. I know that there is a lot
I can learn from You. I always read that we have unlimited potential.
But I did not know how to tap into it and express it.I know that your
system Of teaching will get me there. I thank you for the bottom of my
heart .I thank you even more for giving lesson for free. As right now I
am in a place of not having much money .I was looking for a way to get
out of this so called karma that I have created for my self. Iknow that
once My energy within was set free the energy without would also flow
easily. I thank you for the balancing meditation which I think is also
the key to balancing ourselves so that it can be reflected outside in
our lives. God bless you always sai I am looking forward for your
advanced classes.

– Sainath Shetty


Hi Eric, I know I’m not the most talkative of your participants! I’ve
been following your course until now on a regular basis – that is
following the lessons and listening to the meditations. I feel immense
amounts of energy being spiraled through my body during the meditation,
it tends to be focused on the areas that are being worked on i.e. the
head and neck and so on. Its almost like its having a clearing effect
and a strengthening and balancing effect on me. I feel really
revitalized and calm afterwards. I also work with reiki energy and I
have found that I feel more charged and that it gives me a more powerful
output. I’m looking forward to the continuation of your course and I
wish you all the best. Have a good day,

– Kati.

P.S I live in Israel so its important for us to help to raise the
level of consciousness in our volatile region/
I feel more alive and more aware of what is going on in my thoughts
and when to turn off the negative. Sometimes the audio is not very clear
in your presentation but I am truly enjoying it. Thank you.

– Donna K

This has been an incredible
experience each day that I connect with the energy. I have connected to
the wisdom of the body without the audio connection priar to the third
excerpt and the experience was unique. This work is incredibly relaxing.
The emotion that comes up for me is freeing. Each day is unique. There
are few thoughts that I am aware of. It’s very grounding. In my first
experience with step three my hands were guided to the floor, back of
the hand to the floor. I was bent over and if my hands weren’t in the
way my hands would have gone down past my feet. The image I had was of a
‘ prehistoric ” ape ” with very long arms. This was an emotional
experience also. My conscious intent is to feel and express more joy ,
humour and laughter throughout my day, I am doing that more and more. Is
there a connection? I don’t know but This process is definitely
something that resinates with me and I am powerfuly drawn to.

– David Barilla, Toronto Canada

[symple_testimonial by=””]thank you for these 3 lessons. Your teachings are deep and meaningful to
me, I will listen to these again and again to fully take them in and
continue to work with the key meditations. – 

Hi Erik. Thank you for sharing your work with me, I so appreciate
it. I love how you explain our connecting with humanity on the 7th
and other chakra levels. Why do we feel so drawn to some and not
others? Even when that connection brings difficult emotional
experiences. I have so many questions, I love what you have to
share. I am a massage therapist and I also teach young children and
I expect to work through my financial hole to wholeness, the quicker
the better! I look forward to giving back to you. Have a wonderful
day. I look forward to more tools, am practicing the 7 key
meditation now.
Sincerely, Susan DelMonte Northampton, MA

Hi Erik I e-mailed you one day last week. I have m.s. and asked if it
was o.k. for me to sit to do the meditations as I have trouble standing.
Would it be alright for me to lay in bed or to put a board on the bed so
it would not be so comfortable to get the feel of lying on the floor. It
is to difficult for me to get up off the floor and my husband had heart
surgery 10 months ago so it is hard for him to help up off the floor.
What would you suggest. I am really interested in the course and see
some changes already.

Thank you,

– Donna


I think Erick’s KarmaSecrets is one of the best thing we have out there.
I’ve only started using his program for a good week and a half and I’m able
to see some real changes within my body. For years I had a lot of negative
energy inside of me. Due to the fact that I grow up in a volatile home. Once
I started using his KarmaSecret I could feel the negative energy jumpping
all around me until it ran out of my body. I really enjoy Erick’s teaching
because he takes his time to explain everything in a loving and caring way.
I was so impressed that I told my aunt and best friend about it. We all
agree that his KarmaSecrets is the Bomb. Thanks a million Erick for sharing
it with us. Ps I loved the chakra program.



Thank you Erik, it is incredible, the movement iam doing during
medttation looks like shadowyoga and reiki but from the inside out

Gerard Perridon, Amsterdam Netherlands

Very powerfull

– Zohar Abat

Hi, My name is Marianne. I am so excited to have this opportunity to
share my story. I have witnessed a huge transformation in my life and I
must say how alive, empowered and inspired I feel. I embrace every day
knowing that I am starting a new page in my life. The freedom is
exhilarating!! From the moment I met Erik Valdman and started working
with the Art of BIM and the Be-One meditations my life changed
dramatically. It all started when a friend suggested that we attend a
seminar and demonstration by Erik at the World Holistic Expo in Toronto.
My experience during the 45 minute seminar was profound. I knew that I
had to learn more about the Art of BIM and how he worked with “Energy”.
Prior to attending Erik’s lectures and courses I was feeling a little
lost and stuck in my life,… like I couldn’t move forward into the
future. I was questioning my direction! There were times when it was a
struggle to get out of the bed in the morning. I was not working at the
time but I was taking several different courses in the holistic health
area as well as looking after my seven year old son. My interest in the
holistic health field was driven by my desire to nurture my son in the
most natural and organic way. When he was three years old he was
diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affected his muscle
strength. I was passionately searching for answers and trying to find an
alternative approach to conventional medical treatment to help my son
heal and maintain his health. We had tried several different approaches
that seemed to be beneficial, but these approaches only proved
beneficial in the short term. These different modalities seemed to be
addressing the issues from the outside rather than looking for the core
issue from within. Although I felt strongly that healing could take
place on many levels by looking within, initially I couldn’t logically
understand that concept I had been exposed to several other forms of
energy work in the past but nothing compared to what Erik was offering
and teaching. To be honest in the beginning I didn’t understand what I
was experiencing but I knew it was right for me and I had to pursue it.
Erik has the gift to work with universal energy and to help others tap
into this energy field so they can help heal themselves on many levels.
He also has the ability to teach concepts which allow us to understand
ourselves better and to help motivate us to reach for our dreams…….
inspiring and awakening our inner potential. I believe that by utilizing
some very simple tools such as the Be-One Meditation we can honor our
body’s own innate wisdom and allow it to do the job it was designed to
do … to become ONE. My personal experience: I have been working with the
Art of BIM and taking courses with Erik for a year now. Within the first
few months of participating in the meditations and taking the classes I
noticed that my whole outlook on had life changed. I had more
self-confidence and a more positive outlook on life in general. My son
also seemed to be gaining more confidence and his focus at school was
incredible. What I saw changing in my life was reflecting into my family
life. The whole family dynamic seemed to change. There was more respect
and the lines of communication were opening up. I found myself embracing
the challenges in my life with more compassion, less stress and I seemed
to be more flexible when in situations of conflict. I was not as
reactionary! I also found that I was not as critical of myself or others
which was a huge step for me. Many of my friends and acquaintances were
opening up to me on very personal levels and I seemed to be meeting and
interacting with a lot more people. I wanted to spend more time out in
nature and I wanted to listen to music more often. On the physical level
I had more energy to complete my tasks and I joined a Yoga class and was
walking on a regular basis. My weight stabilized and I didn’t seem to
have as many unhealthy cravings. What I found most intriguing was that
all of my relationships were changing. I was relating to people on a
different level. I wanted to help and give more of my time I seemed to
be able to connect with others in a more open way which surprised me
because I was always a little guarded in the past. I seemed to be
setting longer term goals rather than looking for instant gratification.
I was euphoric when I realized how exciting it was to grow and change
and that it was ok to take a risk for something you believed in. As a
good friend once said to me “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. I also did
not seem to seek approval from others as often when making decisions. My
desire to always have to please others was also changing. Basically I
was honoring my feelings and trusting my intuition more. Finally my
perception on what was important in life had also changed. I realized
that I had to revisit why I was trying to help my son change all that
was different about him… basically what society perceived as limitations
or differences. He is a beautiful gift from the universe and he has
touched many lives. My job as a parent is to honor the essence of who he
is and to direct or guide him to believe in his unlimited potential. I
consider my son as one of my greatest teachers. I do believe that
Children Are Our Future and we need to embrace their individuality and
unique gifts and help them tap into their inner potential. “Feel the
rain on your skin No one else can do it for you Only you can let it in
No one else, No one else can Speak the words on your lips Direct
yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is
where your book begins The rest is still unwritten” by Natasha
Bedingfield, from the song, “Unwritten”


I have been doing movements with my body since last autumn. I have
received a lot of energy and gone through a self healing process. I am
still doing it. I have never heard of anyone else with this experience
until I read about Karma Secrets. I want to do all the steps in the
meditation. The problem is that I can’t hear all the words properly so
it’s hard to translate som of it. Is it possible to write it down and
send it to me ?

– Ylva Dahlgren


I finished lesson 1 and is so useful Now I got some means of guiding by body and mind without external source of help Thanks.

– E.

I did the maditation it was difrent filling from ather meditation that
I’ve ever made before i felt the energy all over my body and very calm

– Eti

I just listened to lesson 4 and it cleared up a lot for me. It was
the best description on how to really achieve success that I’ve heard. I
think that hearing that lesson was why I needed to listen to these
lessons at all. Thank you for what your doing and safe travels through
the universes.

– Braden

Hello everyone my name is Chiara and I’m happy to share with you my
experiences of being a student at the Art of Bim. I have been a student
of Erik’s for about three years now and I first heard about the Art of
Bim when I was going through the vitality magazine. I was looking for
natural program to assist regarding my weight loss and what I learned
was that I was fine as the way I was. I learned that all the pressure
about my weight was related to other people’s belief and that ultimately
brought me down. I learned that each of us has such endless ability to
do anything want once we learn to tap into our inner potential. Erik
teaches us to look back to our earlier years as children where we played
and had fun for the true enjoyment of doing things. Without all that
extra baggage that comes when we get older. It is a truly enjoyable
experience when you put your trust in your body and let it take you
where ever it wants to take you without having restrictions or
questioning what you are doing. When taking courses with Erik you will
come understand the truth about the universe and boundless energy that
exists in it.

– Chiara

Erik I happened upon your website,and decided to try out your free offer,knowing that there is nothing free, what a shock to learn that the secrets that you revealed in the first lesson has given me so much more energy, a different outlook I was so amazed at how my body’s energy just took over. I called my son and told him about it and wants him to try it. I have not done the second lesson yet. I believe I am in for a treat please let me know how to get your whole program.

– Gloria Thomas

My head orperation anurysum 2 timein 1 year had to grow up again after 6 months i was back into my teens and took in my mother in law (mom)to live with me and she fell,in bed totally with just me to take care of her,but i loved her as mom,then lost her,6 months later he meet a thailand girl,fell in love,and i felt as if my world close in on me,with no peace,i am still in the divorce, but from the 1st cd i have found that peace within me so much from the enegry,i once again i am finding that inner spirit within come back to life,i shared the energy with a friend and who was just sitting there typing and tried afterwards she went out to her garden she felt it and i thank you so much

– Debra Sanders


I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, so I am familiar with energy, but this was a different experience for me. I actually felt my spine move in my lower back. Also, my hands felt very heavy and I wondered about that momentarily, but then realized it was a different form of energy working that I was experiencing. I am grateful for the work that you do, so I am sending you a great big thank you with my comments. Namaste

– Marlena, West Virginia


Lesson one was the first time I have actually done something like this ever. I found myself bend right down with my palms on the inside of my feet. I must tell you after that it was the first time every I slept like a baby. I felt tired and slept with no interference. I actually slept. I did not wake up at 2am, 3 am etc and my head was quiet. I am not a deep sleeper at all but this was the best sleep ever. Friday I woke up at 7:30am not tired at all and felt rested. I woke up and went by my day as usual preparing for the Shabbat I was real busy and did not have time to do the exercise again when to bed cause it was late (not because I was tired) opened my eyes every 30 min (was not comfortable). 5am I could not force myself to sleep anymore as my lower back was hurting again. – narochelle

I just listened to lesson 4 and it cleared up alot for me. It was the best description on how to really achieve success that I’ve heard. I think that hearing that lesson was why I needed to listen to these lessons at all. Thank you for what your doing and safe travels through the universes.

– Braden Millzill

This is all new to me. Only having had Erik introduced to me a couple of
months ago has been like having a door opened for me. In only a short
time I feel my attitude toward life and people has grown immensely. The
biggest change has been the difference from within. I’m starting to know
and appreciate my ability to have control over what I want in my life.
Another is how I treat myself and intern treat others. I am self
employed and my job seems to be taking off in such a big way. All these
positive changes in my life have happened since I have started to
meditate and be involved in Erik’s AudioBIM sessions. I seem to resonate
with Erik and trust his intuitions and opinions about life and its’

Thanks Erik, G.M.

En este momento de mi vida cuando me siento renovada, y organizada
mentalmente, cuando digo esto es porque ahora veo de una forma mucho mas
clara y precisa los objetivos de estar en esta vida……. Por eso
quiero compartir mi experiencia, porque estoy segura que hay muchas
personas como yo quieren encontrar una razón y entender que hacemos y
porque estamos en este mundo. Durante muchos anos he buscado y no una
sino de muchas formas, seminarios, lecturas, conversaciones, etc…,
incluyendo mi misma vida artística, una vida pausada, organizada, con
paz y mi mente y mi ser como tal fuera capaz de manejar situaciones y
eventualidades sin alteraciones y ver de forma clara y concisa la razón
de las situaciones que vivía. Me case muy joven como toda mujer
ilusionada y viví dedicada a mi hogar tuve dos adorables hijos que hoy
son mi orgullo y mi apoyo incondicional, Gabriel Mauricio y Claudia. Mi
vida era un circulo muy cerrado donde no había lugar para mi misma como
persona como ser…… y que poco llegue a pensar en mi. Fue una época
feliz para mi. Paso el tiempo y de un momento a otro me vi envuelta en
una enfermedad o una serie de enfermedades que ni yo misma podía
entender, esclerosis múltiple, una temerosa enfermedad que me desolaba y
hacia sentir temor miedo a morir y dejar a mis hijos. Toda clase de
tratamientos me acompañaron por unos anos, medicamentos que deterioraban
otros órganos……unida a la esclerosis estaba una vasculitis cerebral.
Mi hijo en su afán de ayudarme comenzo a investigar en Estados Unidos
donde vivía como conseguir una solución a esta situación, y allí fue
encontrando ayuda en la medicina china, en un medico quiropractico, mas
adelante aceites esenciales y nivelacion de energía a través del agua.
Poco a poco entendí que las enfermedades son consecuencia de una
alteración de nuestro sistema energético. Cuanto agradecí a mi hijo su
ayuda, mejore muchísimo y me sentí curada, nunca mas recibí medicacion y
ahora estoy muy bien. Pero mi hijo inquieto ante lo que encontró siguió
su búsqueda y encontró a Erik Valdman, El Arte del BIM , algo increíble.
Primero mi hija recibió de Erik sus meditaciones y hoy como medica que
es también comparte su experiencia porque entiende que con energía y una
vida interior organizada el cuerpo responde a tratamientos que en un
momento dado deban darse a sus pacientes pero que con un nivel bajo de
energia demoran la recuperación. Lógicamente yo también quería recibir
lo que ellos habían tenido y no dude en decirle a Gabriel Mauricio que
me ayudara a tener unas sesiones con Erik, claro mi problema era el
idioma, pero Erik muy amablemente organizo mis meditaciones con
traducción simultanea con Gabriel Mauricio, así he recibido estas
meditaciones y me siento feliz, alineada, tranquila, siento que soy una
persona renovada y que quiere en lo posible llevar a otras muchas
personas este mensaje y a ti Erik muchas muchas gracias por tu ayuda por
tu apoyo por tu tiempo para mi. Quizás en un tiempo podamos organizar en
mi país Colombia conferencias contigo y llevar esta ayuda que es inmensa
y que como yo muchos otros aprenderán que solo nosotros mismos podemos
lograr estar bien porque si estamos bien nos sentimos bien y estando
orientados en la vida podremos ayudar a los demás. Mas adelante seguiré
compartiendo mis experiencias y deseo llevar mi mensaje a niños, jóvenes,
adultos y todos aquellos que quieran conocer esta experiencia que hoy
forma parte de mi.

Gema Cristina