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The Human Energy Reserves Centre is convinced that Anxiety, Stress and Depression must be addressed from many angles. The Energy of people during their most difficult times, plays a decisive role in their ability to create a positive momentum, and gives them both courage and strength to start new and overcome their biggest life obstacles.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre has made it its mission to help understand the importance of inner energy of people with stress and anxiety, more specifically during their most challenging times.

The Human Energy Reserves Centre is available to students during their most difficult times in order to provide both energy training and moral support.


• Optimism

We acknowledge the seriousness of the emotional challenges, the Centre, in both its operation and communication aims to implement an approach that is categorically positive and optimistic. ‘Bringing New Light into the lives of students’ is the training offered by the Human Energy Reserves Centre.

• Quality

The Human Energy Reserves Centre demands of itself the highest standards of quality in all its projects and initiatives. This principle is reflected both in the support materials and the training offered to students.

• Solidarity

Together with the help of our Ambassadors and Alumni students the Centre provides assistance to those who lack the necessary financial resources to take part in our advanced programs. That is why the Centre offers free first time support to all people, whatever their life challenges may be.

• Neutrality

The Human Energy Reserves Centre does not intervene in the medical treatment of any student and does not interfere with their choice of of training and therapy.