Erik Valdman – The Art of BIM


Anxiety and Stress is an illness of ENERGY

we often think it is in our body or in our mind
we want to better understand it, how it triggers us
what words, thoughts we should use to make it go away
what changes to make in our life, how to escape but the answer may be much closer then you think it could be right there, within

The idea, ” if only for one day ” was inspired by a center in France which would help cancer treatment patients to get their smile back to achieve that, they
actually used fun makeup and extravagant wigs…

But Stress and Anxiety is not something we can cover up this can happen to anyone and often holds you back for many years.

These feelings are internal.And require internal change.It is often hard to accept anxiety

Here you are, intelligent, knowledgeable, talented…but held back by these emotional chains

Many who finally make the call, and reach out for our help,have tried other techniques, seen other specialists but often are a bit discouraged and disappointed at the results they’ve achieved

Our goal is to help you stop searching help you see that you already have all that it takes help you find your energy and answers within and to add this to what you’ve already learned and know

Once you see your smile coming back, you can then take another step and learn to apply BIM in your practice and to your life.